Made it to the wonderful city of Basel earlier this evening and had a fun first few hours getting to know the fellow delegates and my roommates- 4 of us are sharing a room (2 of us from UK and 2 from Nigeria).

Soon after arrival had to dash to get the intensive packed tram which whisked us off to dinner on a boat by the Rhine. The tram, jam-packed with fellow doctors and medical students from all 4 corners of the world, appeared to receive a number of puzzled looks from Basel residents. They were probably wondering why we had chosen to suffer such cramped conditions and yet appear to be enjoying the ride.

Dinner provided a well earned opportunity to mix drinks and to mingle with my fellow international medics. As this is my first IPPNW congress, lots of new and unfamiliar faces. But the conversations soon started flowing and were as varied as the individuals I was lucky enough to meet: A chat about Obama’s healthcare bill with US delegates and a discussion of the Israel- Palestine conflict with the Israeli bunch were just a couple of my conversations.

New friends were made.
Very much looking forward to tomorrow’s main congress and its high profile speakers. I am particularly keen to hear what the Swiss foreign minister has to say on the issue of nuclear disarmament.