Distinguished Participants,

Dmitri Medvedev

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev

I’m pleased to congratulate you on the Thirtieth Anniversary of the organization International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.

Over the years this organization has united thousands of medical workers from various countries and continents. It has made a great contribution to the enhancement of peace and stability on this planet.

Saving humanity from a nuclear threat is one of the key tasks of the modern time. The realization of this goal is of crucial importance for global security, safe and happy life for millions of people.

It is essential, that with your high authority, experience and public influence you support the work of states towards disarmament and nonproliferation and call for moving forward the key initiatives in this area. It is precisely this approach that is the gauge of success in the international efforts to counter the new challenges and threats and to eliminate the causes that compel the states to strive to acquire nuclear weapons.

I wish you a fruitful discussion and all the very best.

D. Medvedev
President of Russia