Loads to discuss re today’s events but as credit runs out on the internet in about three minutes and I am utterly exhausted, I’m afraid any serious blogging will have to be postponed till tomorrow. Suffice to say, heard some really inspiring speakers today in the conference plenary sessions and met lots of interesting individuals from all corners of the world. A delicious meal in the upstairs banquet hall of the Safranhurst restaurant helped the brain to chill. Finished the night in what could best be described as open air club- free to get in, no doors, walls etc. The only constraint being the friendly people dancing in close proximity. Wish we had more of this in the UK- free open air clubbing. Anyway, suffice to say, the night could best be summed up by the following: Bongo drums, African dancing, techno music + Portuguese lessons. Might explain later. Will blog about the more serious side of things tomorrow.

Goodnight x