IPPNW is holding its 19th World Congress, entitled “Nuclear Abolition: For a Future,” in Basel, Switzerland from 25-30 August 2010. More than 600 doctors, medical students, activists, and concerned citizens will gather at the University of Basel to assess progress in the federation’s global campaigns to rid the world of nuclear weapons and to prevent armed violence.

A two-day conference organized by IPPNW medical students precedes a three-day main Congress hosted and organized by PSR/IPPNW-Switzerland. Congress speakers include UN High Representative for Disarmament Sergio Duarte, ICRC Vice President Christine Beerli, historian Lawrence Wittner, Pugwash International President Jayantha Dhanapala, and political scientist Achin Vanaik. More than 30 workshops will be offered on topics ranging from the abolition of nuclear weapons and the public health dimensions of war and other forms of armed violence to radiation and heath, globalization, and peace education.

More than a dozen participants will be blogging during the five-day event, and you can read their reports and commentaries here.

Complete information about the program, including a description of all plenary sessions and workshops, is available on the Congress website.